The only one who should tell you your worth is yourself (and this dog). 


This is a pre-order. Stickers will begin processing on February 3, 2021.

Snazzy Dog Vinyl Mirror Sticker

  • 3.75" x  2.25"

    Matte Black Vinyl Material


  • 1. Clean the surface you want to adhere the vinyl to.

    Note: Will does not stick to the back of glass iPhones due to the non-stick coating.

    2. Use a credit card or another scraper to make sure the sticker attaches to the clear plastic side.

    3. Place upside down so you can't see the design, and peel back the white paper backing at as close to 180° as possible. This will make it easier for the vinyl to remove.

    The sticker should stay flat against the clear side. If it peels off with the white backing, use a card or your fingernail to adhere it to the clear side.

    4. Stick! Since the vinyl is made up of individual pieces, you may only have one chance to do this. 

    5. Wait a few minutes and test the adherence by pulling off a little corner. If it doesn't, use a card to press it down. 

    6. Let the Snazzy Dog admire you every morning.

    If you have further questions, email me at