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My Mom Reviews Fine Line by Harry Styles

My mom is very picky when it comes to good music and constantly says "Reputation is better." even though it was not brought up. (But she's right, though). I gave her some songs from Lover when it was first released and she was very biased because she only likes Reputation and 1989 for some reason. Not out of Taylor Swift's discography, out of like every song released this decade. But I made sure she was in an environment where she was kind of listening to the point of being able to justly review them without thinking she's bored and would rather listen to Getaway Car.

To celebrate the release of Harry Styles's new album Fine Line being out for a week, here are my mom's first impressions as she was baking a tiramisu. I asked her to rate them out of 5 but forgot to ask at one point. Thank you.

1. Golden

"It's good but not like LIKE LIKE LIKE. Next."

"It's good."


2. Watermelon Sugar

"It's good! I think I like that better. Yeah, I like that better."

"It's the rhythm. You can dance to it. You can move with it."

- What do you rate it out of 5?

"Maybe 7"

- Out of 5?

"Oh, out of 5? See it's better than 5! That's what I meant! "

"I like that better than the first."


3. Adore You

"Yeah, I like his songs."

"I think I like this better than the two."

"Yeah, that's a 5."


4. Lights Up

"I like it too!"

"It's at par with the song before it. Like kind of the same..."

[pre-chorus] "Oh I like that part."

"Shine into the light?"

"Yeah! Nice! The album is good!"


5. Cherry

['Don't you call him what you used to call me'] "I like that best. Yeah."

"I like the guitar. I like the like, you are relaxing and feel good. It's like a Beatles song."

"He likes the Beatles to be influenced by them."

['Coucou. Tu dors?'] "This is what the Beatles do. Yeah, something like that."

"I like it."

6. Falling

"Again the intro... the intro is like an old song."

"The opening? Is similar to an old song!"

"It's different from the other ones but I like it!"

"It's nice."

"I think the other one [is better]. It's a different style but it's sad. I like the happy."

7. To Be So Lonely

"I'm thinking."

"No, not really. No... not really."

"It's just a regular chill. I like the happy."

8. She

"Again it's like a Beatles music."

"Not really."

"Uh... no."

"Uh... It's not my style. I don't know it's like... uh... like a Beatles kinda but it's not– it's like sleepy. I told you I wanted the happy."

"It's OK, it's fine. But it's not like 'Ooh! I like to hear it again.'"

9. Sunflower Vol. 6

"No I want the other one."

"It's a nice album!"

[pre-chorus] "Oh, that's a nice one."

"That's nice!"

"I like just the refrain. You know the other songs in the beginning. It's what I like more."

"It's not that I don't like it, it's just regular."

"It's just OK. It's not like jumping."

[pre-chorus] "I like that part."

"Maybe if I'm used to it like Taylor Swift."

[pre-chorus] "That part I like!"

"Sunflower, sunflower..."

[ending] "Animated! It's like a... hahahaha it's like a Yellow Submarine, kinda."


10. Canyon Moon

"That's good! I like that. See I like that you can dance to it and it's happy."

"See, now I'm thinking, 'I like that'."

"It's like a happy song and you can dance to it. See?"

"I like this song!"

"Yeah, I like this."

"My favorite. Yeah. 5 out of 5. I would remember this."

"This one is a 5. I would remember this. The other ones are like I forgot already. This jumps!"


11. Treat People with Kindness

"This too! Is like a Beatles song!"

"I like the other one better. The song before it."

"Yeah, I like this one."

"4! It's also good."


12. Fine Line


"It's nice to hear. It's relaxing."

"It's just like a sad song. I said it's nice, but its... Give me the happy."

"No, it's not as good."

[bridge] "I like that part. It's very creative!"

"It's like the combination of all of them."

"It's still a 4. It's like it's still not jumping."

Bonus: My dad on She

"I can't even hear it."

"It reminds me of somebody or a mixture of two people."

"Yeah, it's alright. Pretty good."

"I like it, but it reminds me of another band. It's good!"


Thank you.